Surprisingly, lenticular technology has been around since the early 1900’s. It was originally used in several color processes including Technicolor and Kodachrome film. Thanks to computer and digital imaging technologies developed in the 1990’s it has made a big comeback. These new technologies have made it possible to create stunning, high resolution, high quality 3D images.
The technique developed ten years ago was a simple method of turning 3D scenes what was created in Strata 3D into a series of images for interlacing.  Out of necessity there are many developed interlacing software, and for more to make your own lenticular, only get a high resolution printer, a cold laminator and 3D lenticular lens material with an optically clear adhesive. It requires quite a bit of skill to align the lens with the print and then get it through the laminator while still keeping it aligned (my success rate is only about 1 in 3).